Club support

Total Animal Supplies are proud to support local clubs with the Introduction of exciting innovations which will enhance the ability of our local pony clubs and riding clubs to form a partnership which will take some of the hard work associated with fundraising and sponsorship off your hands.
Total Animal Supplies would like to offer your club a 5% discount to be split between the club 2.5% and rider 2.5%! If the rider chooses they can forego their discount which will in turn be passed back to the club equating to the full discount of 5%! Then the amount that the club has totalled can be given in prizes for your events. This amount can be quite substantial depending on how many members choose to purchase their goods through our stores.In return we would ask that we can display signage supplied by Total Animal Supplies at all club facilities (grounds, Clubrooms etc.) and in your newsletter. If you do not have grounds we ask that at your event we are able to have signage on the premises for the day and be on the program. As we become more established we can offer special member nights and other notable events.
For more details or to register contact Hayley Bebb.

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